The Mathematics of Chopsticks

A Grade 2/3 Exemplary Task/Lesson

Ms. Michelle Cordy shares about the practice of using variations in difficulty of tasks when teaching mathematics. This way of teaching is supported by research work on parallel tasks and variations in meaning.

She sets the task in the context of dining at an Asian restaurant: She designed the task to include three options that students could choose from. Her goal was to use the solutions that students came up with as a basis for introducing the concept of unitizing and varied approaches in multiplication.

The Great Fraction Debate

A Grade 2/3 Exemplary Task/Lesson

Ms. Michelle Cordy shares about the practice of using debates for teaching mathematics, which she adopted from her language arts teaching. She prompts her students debate whether six fourths is a fraction. The debate encourages communication and is built on a big mathematics idea involved in Fractions—the part and the whole.

The Art of a Straight Line

A Grade 9 Exemplary Task/Lesson

Ms. Judy Mendaglio talks about a Grade 9 functions lesson which was inspired by her visit to the museum. In this project-based lesson youth of varying interest in mathematics, art and technology all engage in the activity with much success. Students’ work show how utilization of technology changes what it means to learn mathematics.

The Mathematics of Swinging Pendulums

A Grade 8 Exemplary Task/Lesson

Ms. Vera Sarina shares about a multi-period lesson on Pendulum mathematics with Grade 8/9 students. The lesson involves experimentation, collecting, graphing and interpreting linear data using dynamic geometry software. The lesson show a view of mathematics that expands to include experimenting and collecting data as well as interpreting graphs from the data.

The Mathematics of Wage Labour

A Grade6/7 Exemplary Task/Lesson

Mr. David Stocker is interviewed about a lesson in which he links mathematics and social justice. The lesson centered on variations in wages and graphical relationships among different wages.